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R&D Department

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Strong R&D Capabilities: Constant Innovation & Breakthrough

R&D team is supported by experienced personnel in the field of chemicals and formulated products for manufacture of rubber gloves and products for the Institutional Cleaning Industry.

1. Coagulant additives for Powderless Coagulant (For Glove Industry)

  • Developed to eliminate the need for powder coagulant in latex glove dipping.

  • Powderless coagulant facilitates easy gloves stripping.

  • Combination of powderless coagulant and on-line polymer at dipping enable production of strip and pack gloves without off-line processing.

2. On-line Polymer (For Glove Industry)

  • On-line polymer coated gloves give better shelf life as compared to on-linechlorinated gloves.

  • Eliminates internal tackiness, blocking and wet look.

  • Better donning properties as compared to chlorinated gloves

  • Combination of powderless coagulant and on-line polymer at dipping enable the production of strip and pack gloves without off-line processing.

3. Former Cleaners (For Glove Industry)

  • Chlorinated and non-chlorinated former cleaners for both natural latex and nitrile glove dipping.

  • Good performance and low dosage cleaners for high speed glove dipping lines.

  • Economic and cost effective.


4. Laundry Detergent


  • Enzyme based powder detergent was developed for easy removal of tough protein stains such as blood and milk.

5. Drying Aid for Dish Washers.

  • Drying aid enable dishes to dry quickly.


6. Stain Remover and Sanitizer


  • Coffee and tea stain remover plus sanitizer


7. Detergent and Sanitizer (2 in 1)


8. Treatment for Drain Line and Grease Traps

  • Natural enzyme that breakdown protein, lipid and carbohydrate.

  • Reduce trapped grease, odor, and maintains free-flow drain lines and grease traps.

Established Product Innovations

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1. Single Stage Damp Donning polymer (For Glove Industry)

  • Specially developed on-line polymer for damp donning without the need of off-line slip additive rinsing.


2. Corrosion free Former Cleaner (For Glove Industry)

  • Longer former life providing cost savings.


3. Samak Soap


  • For Islamic cleansing.


4. Multipurpose Cleaner with Temporary Coating


  • Once cleaning is done, a temporary coating will be coated on the cleaning surface. Dirt, dust and stains will be trapped or brought to the surface such that this coating will be easily removed during the next cleaning cycle. 

Upcoming Product Innovations


Tailor-made polymers, coagulant additives and cleaning agents.

EDX- SEM analysis for surface elemental analysis and Laser Particle Size Analysis.

Provide trouble shooting service and laboratory testing for customers.

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