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Hotels, restaurants, hospitals, clubs, laundries and other similar establishments require a high level of cleanliness and hygiene. 

The more spotless the premises, the more highly regarded the establishment. Our high quality products an equipment deliver pristine results while reducing wastage and energy cost. 


As part of our service commitment, we offer 24-hour technical assistance as well as training programs to help your staff understand and use our products to achieve optimal results. 

Food & Beverage
White Tableware

Cleanliness is of the utmost importance in any F&B department. A high standard of hygiene has to be observed, but can be difficult to maintain in fast-paced environments such as commercial kitchens, where everything from the smallest kitchen utensils to large equipment like dishwashers and ovens are in constant use. 

Chempro has a specially formulated range of products to help you meet this demanding level of cleanliness. From cutlery and crockery to appliances and equipment, from floors and bench-tops to cabinets and wall, our comprehensive range of cleaning agents will make your business shine. 

We go beyond just providing basic cleaning products. We complement these with a state-of-the-art computerised dispensing system that can minimise wastage and reduce costs, All you need to do is program the system to dispense the right amount of cleaning agents to achieve desired results. No more overdosing or underdosing, and by reducing human contact, you'll create a safer environment for you staff.  

Double Sink Bathroom

Housekeeping departments within the hospitality industry are tasked with maintaining a clean and inviting environment at all times. Every inch of space, both inside and outside, is expected to be spotlessly clean - guest rooms, lobbies, bathrooms, dining areas, poolside areas, windows and more - and all cleaning needs to be done quickly and discreetly.

Chempro has an extensive range of quality cleaning products that are more than equal to the task. We offer products suitable to clean and polish various surfaces such as marble, wood and ceramic tiles, deodorise carpets, eliminate odours, disinfect the premises and more. 

Most important of all, our products are aimed at speeding up the housekeeping work cycle and performance. Each product is designed to achieve optimal efficiency - in other words, reducing the number of hours spent in cleaning, while prolonging the lifespan of cleaning equipment and surfaces being cleaned.

Your housekeeping department can achieve the desired level of cleanliness in a shorter time and at a lower cost. 

Folding Shirts

Dirty laundry is a daily chore for the hospitality and leisure industries. Chempro has over two decades of experience in dealing with laundry requirements, and we have used our chemicals expertise to consistently deliver outstanding results.

From liquid and powder detergents to fabric softeners, from bleaches to grease and stain removers, our laundry range has been designed to provide a pure clean result.

We have a complete line of professional product formulations, dispensing equipment and application programs that are tailored for both commercial and on-premise laundries. 

Our products are also compatible with advanced tunnel washers and can cope with large-scale laundry requirements. 

Our state-of-the-art computerised dispensing system complements our cleaning products and improves safety. 

Simply program it to provide the correct dosage of chemicals for your specific cleaning needs and it will consistently dispense the right amount every time. This prevents wasteful overdosing as well as costly undercleaning and rewashing, and minimises the need for physical contact. As a result, you'll reduce the risk of human error and create a safer environment for your staff. 

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