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Food manufacturing and production facilities, such as breweries, dairy plants, soft drink manufacturers and meat processing facilities require routine but a high-level of cleanliness.

We have set up a specialist division to cater to the industry, with products designed for Clean-In-Place (CIP) automated cleaning as well as manual cleaning and sanitising.

Our products are complemented by training programs in product knowledge and usage as well as 24-hour technical assistance to provide you with support anytime you need it. 


Modern Brewery

Bacteria is public enemy No. 1 in the food processing industry. In just a matter of hours, bacteria can multiple and contaminate products meant for human consumption. 

Therefore it is vital that the food processing industry adheres to high standards of hygiene at every stage - manufacturing, processing and packaging. The slightest contamination can be disastrous for both business and consumer health. 

At Chempro, we understand the industry's demanding standards, and our cleaning and sanitising agents are specially formulated to meet these requirements. Our products are in use throughout the industry, including in bakeries, breweries, canneries, meat processing facilities and sites producing dairy products, confectionery, beverages and more. 

Many of our clients are HACCP-accredited (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Plants), which means they have taken the necessary steps to manage food risks and can assure the public that their food is safe - and Chempro is proud to be part of the process of cleaning and sanitising.

Chempro's range of products includes alkaline cleaners, chlorine-based sanitisers, quarternary ammonium and compound-based cleaners and multi-purpose detergents, all designed to clean easily, effectively and reliably.

We also offer products compatible with Clean-in-Place (CIP) and Sterilisation-in-Place (SIP) systems, which allow automatic cleaning and disinfecting of machinery, equipment and pipes without requiring any major disassembly. This reduces any down-time required for cleaning, thus improving productivity. 

We at Chempro pride ourselves in providing ethical customer service and are committed to continually develop new, economical, safe and environmentally-friendly cleaning formulas.


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