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Chempro is essentially a "People Oriented Company". Our philosophy of "Customer Care" emphasises the importance of establishing good rapport with our clients so we can consistently meet their needs. 


This philosophy is exemplified by our personalised customer service in after-sales product training and 24-hour technical support. Beyond that, we have also developed educational training programs which include safety, motivation, management and other relevant topics to create coherent improvements for our customers.


In fact, our service is more than personalised. It's localised. We employ highly skilled locals in countries where we operate because we understand that customers in different countries have different needs; the kind of specifics that our native employees can easily understand and readily meet.


Our formula of global outlook with localised approach creates a closer bond between us and our customers, which is critical in maintaining a win-win relationship.


With that, we are continuously looking for ambitious and energetic individuals who seek a challenge and rewarding career in our industry. Here at Chempro, we strongly believe that our people are our company's biggest assets.


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