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Chempro's range of products are designed to reduce cost, maintain smooth production runs and impart any desired characteristics on finished goods.

We offer training programs in product knowledge to help you understand and use our cleaning products to maximum benefit and usage, as well as 24-hour technical assistance to provide you with support anytime you need it.



Chempro has been supplying pre-treatment chemicals for aluminium and iron-based products to the metal industry in Asia for many years. 

These surfaces treatment chemicals are designed to increase coating adhesion, and improve corrosion resistance.

Our range includes degreasers, cleaners, anodising and conversion coatings, electrolytic colouring systems and derust solutions. 


 We are more than just a supplier though - we also act as consultants for our clients. Our expertise and experience can help you develop cost-effective process solutions that will deliver the desired finishing consistently. 

We are also committed to a sustainable future, and promise to continually develop environmentally-friendly products.

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